The Fall Collection has arrived!

Shop the fall collection nowSee what everyone is talking about with the new Fall Collection by Origami Owl! From our new bridal collection to our leather wrap bracelets, Origami Owl has something for your unique style!
Live from your Core attact
A simple and sophisticated jewelry collection.  Choose the pieces you connect with most as a reminder to choose happiness and live from your CORE.
Crafted exclusively for Origami Owl®, this new shimmering collection of Swarovsky crystals will capture your heart.shop2
Crystals by Swarovski
Get wrap happy wraphappy
Mix, match and wrap; surrender to style and tell your story
with this latest bracelet trend.
A fashionable upgrade from the typical lanyard, this collection will help you enter the workplace in style.shop4
New stylish lanyard locket
Capture every moment capture
From the blushing bride to the maid of honor, celebrate everyone in the bridal party.shop5

Tragic news from the Origami Owl family

On Wednesday afternoon, fellow Origami Owl designer Katie Stay—along with her husband and five children—were brutally attacked in a senseless act of violence. The only survivor was Katie’s 15-year-old daughter, Cassidy, who is one of our “Owlettes.” Cassidy is still hospitalized in critical condition. Please join me in praying for this young lady and her extended family.